Best Practices to Stay Bed Bug Free

Until recently, bedbug infestations were all but eliminated in the modern world. However, bedbugs have made quite a comeback during the last few years and have even reached epidemic proportions in some areas. Because so many modern people travel all over the globe, these pests frequently hitch rides in luggage and on clothing, ending up infesting private homes. Once they've weaseled their way into your home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Home remedies for these pests are plentiful, but they are also ineffective. Bedbugs need to be removed by professionals who are equipped with the latest pest control technology. Our trained technicians at Simmons Pest Management can quickly and efficiently rid your home of bedbugs no matter how bad the infestation.

Although bedbug bites sometimes cause allergic reactions in some people, they don't normally pose other significant health threats. They are, however, annoying, unsightly and extremely uncomfortable, and the itching can cause some people to scratch their skin to the extent that the area becomes infected. Bedbugs feed off of blood and sneak out in the dead of night to attack the exposed areas of the sleeping victims' skin. A sure sign that bedbugs have set up shop in your home is waking up with a red, itchy rash on parts of your body not covered by pajamas or other types of clothing. Bedbug bites also tend to appear in straight rows rather than in random patterns.

Unlike many other types of household pests, bedbugs cannot be eliminated by simply washing the bedding in the hottest water available. Although this can get rid of some of them, it will not cure the problem. Simmons Pest Management can safely and effectively rid your home of bedbug infestations so that you and your family can sleep well at night again.

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