Caprenter-AntCarpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants are a common pest that can infest homes and other buildings when they are seeking a place to build their nests. Although other species of ants may be little more than a nuisance, carpenter ants can pose a serious risk to a person’s property. As carpenter ants burrow through wood, they create tunnels and galleries that cause structural damage to buildings. Over time, a carpenter ant infestation can lead to damaged walls and other surfaces that can be costly to repair. To control a carpenter ant infestation, it is important to be able to identify the ants so that a plan can be implemented to eradicate them from your building.

Carpenter Ant Identification
Carpenter ants are frequently confused with termites; however, they can easily be identified by a few of their most obvious characteristics. Carpenter ants are generally identified by their bodies which are dark in color. When wings are visible on the carpenter ant, you will notice that the hind wings are shorter than the front wings. Additionally, carpenter ants are more likely to venture out into the open during the day, while termites are more likely to stay in their colonies.

Preventing Carpenter Ants
Although carpenter ants can be difficult to prevent, there are a few ways to lessen their attraction to your building. First, try to keep moisture away from any wood in your building. Carpenter ants frequently seek out water-logged wood that is easier to burrow through when building their colonies. If there is wood around your building, then it is also helpful to keep it away from your exterior walls. Be sure to keep your branches trimmed away from your home and move any firewood up above ground level.

Controlling an Infestation
Once carpenter ants have invaded a home or building, it can be difficult to get an infestation under control. Many of the traditional home remedies do little more than stir up the nests and make the problem worse. At Simmons Pest Management, we have experience in handling carpenter ant infestations, and our technicians are trained in the best pest removal techniques. In addition to providing you with professional pest control services, we can also help you to make a plan to ensure that the carpenter ants do not return so that your property is protected from further damage.

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