IPM-TacticsIntegrated Pest Management (IPM)

Simmons Pest Management uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control pests in safer, more effective, longer-lasting ways. Integrated Pest Management can be simply explained by the following:

  • Understand a pest’s identity and habits so non-toxic, preventative measures can be used first.
  • Use a combination of different tactics for better effectiveness.
  • Use the least-toxic chemicals, if any.

Of course, any control tactic must be used at the right time and place to be effective. Keeping track of pest populations before they get out of hand also is important to avoid emergency situations, which may require pesticide use.

A thorough inspection by a Simmons professional can spot possible problems before they become serious. This will limit the amount of pesticides that must be applied.

spm-techBenefits of IPM

  • Usually costs less than conventional control methods.
  • Decreases exposure to pesticides for workers, homeowners, tenants and the public.
  • Promotes sound structures and healthy plants, which better withstand damage from pests.
  • Reduces the need for pesticides by using several pest management methods.
  • Typically provides long-term control of pests, which is more effective than conventional, short-term chemical treatments.

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